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We work with passion for plants and for nature

We are a reputable company in Romania and we boast about over 17 years of experience in the field, during which we managed to gather a substantial portfolio, which includes thousands of satisfied customers.

We work with passion and love for plants and for nature, our main concern is that the products that we supply to fully meet the expectations and needs of our customers. We import aquarium plants, pond plants and terrarium plants cultivated in Europe, all our products have been carefully examined and carefully prepared before being packaged and shipped to hankerers.

The conscientiousness with which we do our job is our business card and we are proud that we have a team of trained people with experience in the field, ready to offer the most appropriate ideas and development solutions.

We are always open to partnerships

Over the years of activity, Aqua Estetica has become a reference brand for those who know the import and distribution market of aquarium plants, pond plants and plants for terrarium.

We import rooted plants from Europe and we take care that they get to our customers in excellent condition. We have a wide range of products, continuously updated. We work in wholesale system, with clients from all over the country and we are always open to new collaborations.


What recommends us, along with the excellent quality of our products is the fact that, as direct importer and with an accumulated rich experience, we manage to offer very good prices. In addition, our team of specialists provides support and it is always ready to help you with any problem.

If you like the idea of collaboration with us, if you have any questions or if you want to know in detail the benefits of concluding a partnership, please contact us.