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Sfaturi de intretinere

Diagnostic of problems for aquatic plants

Symptoms Problem Treatment
Weakened, fragile and yellowed leaves.

Rotteness of the stem, weakened stem

Lack of light More light! Light exposure for 10 or 12 hours a day at appropriate intervals.
Gas bubbles appear at the base of the plant.

Weak root structure.

Black rotting of the stems.

Problems in the sublayer The base has to be weakened.

There is a large amount of organic substance with heavy decomposition on the surface.

After a long time, the plants fall behinf in their development.

Too slow growth.

Lack of oxygen Check the lights, filters.

During the day provide more light and CO2 for the plants and more oxygen at night.

Young leaves have a yellow color.

Ferric chloride.

Lack of potassium. Add more potassium!
fragile and yellowed leaves.

Too little iron, too little potassium

or too harsh water.

Ferric chloride Add more iron!
Older leaves fall early.. Lack of phosphorus Add a phosphate containing artificial fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Dirty water, white mold spots on the surface of the water. Excess of phosphorus Change the water frequently, clean the surface of the water.

Do not overfeed the fish.

Newly emerged leaves have a damaged look and go rotten.

Leaves with yellowed edges.

Lack of calcium Add more calcium!
Yellow spots on older leaves.

Rib leaf is green, but the leaves are yellowing.

Brown specks appear, the plant wilts.

The blossoming is too slow. Flowers are pale.

Lack of magnesium Add more magnesium!
Small, wilted plants with too big root, the leaves are smaller and lighter compared to healthy leaves, slow development.

Lower leaves turn yellow. The plant is prone to disease.

Lack of nitrogen More nitrate!
Disease of Cryptocoryne species:

The disease begins with small holes appeared on the leaves, then the plant goes rotten and the root goes rotten.

Crypto rottennes High level of nitrate.

The sharp drop in temperature, sudden environmental changes, frequently moving of plants from one place to another (transplantation)..